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FDM rapid prototyping machine technical advantages

1. The chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and impact resistance of engineering materials ABS/PC/ppsf are suitable for the R & D team to develop functional prototype tests

2. Engineering materials have good toughness and are suitable for secondary processing, such as assembly screws, drilling and polishing, painting and electroplating, etc

3. FDM system can implement ISO9000 product design verification procedures, and can significantly reduce the incidence of mold errors in the later stage of product development

4. The model of FDM system can shorten the time of design change, and can be directly used in product certification and testing, as well as in the synchronous development of fixtures and gauges, shortening the product development cycle by 40% - 50%

5. FDM system can make colorful prototypes, and it conforms to the data confidentiality characteristics of new product design

6. The prototype of FDM system has high dimensional stability, no warpage or shrinkage, and will not be affected by moisture and deformation. It is suitable for assembly design

7. FDM system is non-toxic and does not produce odor, dust, noise and other pollution. There is no need to spend money to establish and maintain a special site, which is suitable for the office design environment

8. The FDM system supports water-soluble support. It is simple and convenient to handle after molding. It does not need chemical solvent cleaning and professional UV light source irradiation. It is suitable for the construction of complex and small features

9. The operation cost of FDM system is low:

nozzle of FDM Technology:

the key point of the structure problem of the wood-based panel scratch tester on the p-class platform is whether the performance and technical characteristics have been changed after the original products have been significantly improved in terms of structure and material. What is the structure? (dimension displacement and deformation measurement accuracy ± 1% prodigyplus) free replacement in maintenance,

T-class platforms (vantage, Titan) and Maxum are replaced every year in three sizes, Each $150

sla technology laser (each with a service life of 5000 hours):

each more than $20000

this does not include the cost of storing resin in the resin tank (more than 200 kg)

the cost of chemical solvents and biochemical armor for cleaning models

the cost of compartment engineering and ventilation engineering in special sites

the constant temperature Constant humidity engineering and maintenance costs

health examination costs and insurance costs of operators

10. FDM can better meet the needs of 40 ~ 77hrd for a small number of diverse final product production and product development trials

11. The FDM system is easy to operate and can be regarded as a 3D printer. It does not need long-term operation experience, does not need to assign a special person to be responsible for the operation, and does not worry about the shutdown caused by personnel flow. Its simple and easy-to-use features and specifications in line with the office design environment fully meet the dream of designers

according to the above report, FDM system has incomparable advantages for industrial design. I believe STRATASYS can practice your design

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