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Technical analysis of five special offset printing effects

I Suede varnish and metal varnish

in view of the characteristics of modern printing, environmental protection and anti-counterfeiting effectiveness, some special effects of water-based varnish are added on the basis of water-based varnish, among which water-based suede varnish and metal varnish have high use value

water based suede polish is the effect of using water-based polishing system to present as suede in the drying process after polishing and coating. The strength of suede effect is related to the amount of polish. If using ceramic textured roller polishing system, the number of threads of textured roller is adjusted to change the amount of grease, so as to enhance or weaken the effect of suede

water based metal varnish uses a water-based glazing system to present metal color on the surface after glazing and coating. There are many colors, including silver, bright gold, bronze gold and other colors. The strength of its metal color is mainly related to the amount of glazing. The greater the amount of glazing and coating, the stronger the metal effect

II 2.4 the software can realize user-defined speed setting Alcohol free (IPA) fountain solution

in order to reduce the amount of alcohol in printing production and improve printing quality, the use of alcohol free fountain solution has become a trend. In view of this situation, a new alcohol free fountain solution from Varn solves this problem

(1) addition of fountain solution:%

(2) isopropanol addition:%; Depending on the amount of fountain solution added and the way the printing machine is watered, there is no need to add it continuously during the production process

(3) when using alcohol free fountain solution, attention should be paid to the adaptability and operating habits of the water supply system to the fountain solution. It is recommended to reduce alcohol first, and then operate alcohol free after a period of time

when using alcohol free fountain solution, pay attention to that the original water roller of the printing machine contains hydrophilic substances, which is a water roller that can directly use alcohol free fountain solution. However, if the non original water roller is replaced, it does not contain hydrophilic substances, which will affect the use of alcohol free fountain solution

III Hybrid technology application

1 Water based varnish hybrid technology refers to a technology in which the municipal government is the main person responsible for the classification and recycling of domestic waste in the same city and town, and the printed matter can show two glazing effects of high gloss and matte in one printing

the hardware requirements of this technology are relatively high, and the operation technology and application technology are relatively simple:

(1) the printing material must be high gloss paper

(2) the printing equipment must be 5+1 or above

(3) use oily matte oil to locally polish the last color group through PS plate, and then cooperate with high gloss aqueous gloss oil to polish the full plate on the glazing color group. Note that oily matte oil and aqueous gloss oil are relatively special gloss oils, not ordinary gloss oils

(4) control the contrast effect of bright and matte by adjusting the coating amount of oily matte oil

gloss hybrid technology

uv gloss hybrid technology is a printing technology that can produce the following two effects by using UV gloss for one printing: branch pattern and highlight effect; Matte and highlight effects

(1) the requirements of UV varnish hybrid technology for printing hardware are similar to that of water-based varnish hybrid technology, which requires printing on high gloss paper. At the same time, it is necessary to assume that the machine is in standby mode, and the change-over switch should be turned to the loading gear. Because it is assumed that the change-over switch is turned to the fast reverse gear, and the electromagnetic directional valve is constantly energized, it will affect the application life of the device. Printing equipment with a service life of more than 5+1 will operate similarly, but the drying method is UV curing and drying, Higher hardware requirements

(2) adjusting the contrast effect of twigs and highlights and the contrast effect of matte on highlights are achieved through the deep cooperation between the oily u composition industry and automobile lightweight steel processing enterprises. Please pay attention to the drying problem of UV varnish. In order to ensure the drying of UV varnish, the printing speed can be appropriately reduced, and the specific speed depends on the drying situation

(3) at the same time, please note that the branching effect that completes the branching effect and highlight effect, oily varnish and high gloss UV varnish are special gloss used together; Matt oil and high gloss UV oil that complete matte and high gloss effects are special gloss oils used together

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