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Technical analysis of aerodynamic vehicles

on when the specimen reaches the specified deformation, the leader of the ECAT aerodynamic vehicle development project is French engineer and designer guy nagelle. Onecat automobile has five seats in the PCB Industrial Park of the base for the trial sewage third-party treatment mode. The body made of glass fiber is very light, with a total weight of only 350 kg. Compressed air fuel bottles are installed in the power system of the car, and the car is powered by these compressed air. According to the developer of this car, in urban traffic, onecat cars run purely on air, which does not pollute the surrounding environment. In long-distance driving, in order to enhance the mobility of this car, it can also add any other fuel as auxiliary fuel, and its fuel consumption is no more than 3 liters per 100 kilometers

onecat aerodynamic vehicle

in order to ensure that this car can run on air, researchers have specially developed a special compressor for it. In addition, this car is also equipped with organic charging equipment, which is easy to operate. As long as your garage is equipped with an ordinary power socket, you don't have to be afraid that your car can't be charged

in addition to lightness, environmental protection and other qualities, the price of this car is also relatively low. Experts said that after onecat began mass production, each car sold for only $5000. Initially, this car will only be sold in India. In the near future, it will be promoted to other countries

Technical Analysis:

with the development of China's industry and the gradual affluence of the people, it is no longer the patent of the rich to use cars instead of walking. But at present, fuel is becoming more and more expensive. When everyone is distressed about this, aerodynamic vehicles were born

the main power of air powered vehicles comes from the power mechanism of the vehicle --- pneumatic motor. At present, some domestic research institutions have begun to study this environmentally friendly and energy-saving car. The power of a Jetta equivalent vehicle can be driven by only two m400raa micro vane pneumatic motors, with a power of 3KW, a maximum output torque of 171nm and a no-load speed of 1050r p. M, air consumption 58l/s. The weight of the whole vehicle is less than 1000kg, and the cost is quite cheap. As for the air source, four high-pressure and high-capacity air tanks can be used to supply gas side by side. Four air tanks can store about 90 cubic meters of gas. The car can run for 4 hours and the speed per hour can be at km/h

the air source is very convenient to solve. You only need to replenish the air source at home or at the inflation station beside the road. The two oil box heaters where the compressed air is located are equipped with PT-100 standard platinum resistors. The electricity required is only yuan, so it is very cheap

it is believed that this technology will be popularized and applied in China in the near future. Research institutions or interested companies or individuals in China are welcome to consult us

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