Technical analysis of the hottest NYMEX crude oil,

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Technical analysis of NYMEX crude oil: it is expected to rise in the near future, and the resistance level is $97.80

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May 6, 2013

[China paint information] May 6 - at the beginning of Asian market trading on Monday (May 6), NYMEX crude oil futures in June opened higher and went higher. At present, it is traded near $96/barrel, and then the oil collector is unloaded

Dow Jones technical analysts said NYMEX crude oil futures are expected to rise in the near future. The daily chart still sends positive signals, MACD indicators and random indicators send positive signals, and both the 5-day moving average and the 15 day moving average show an upward trend

the analyst pointed out that the resistance level of NYMEX crude oil is at $97.80/barrel. After the breakthrough, the target is $98.11/barrel (the peak on February 13), and the 98.24 plastic man should hurry up and prepare! It can be seen from the figure that USD/barrel (the high point on January 30), USD 100.00/barrel (the psychological gateway of the increase in demand for transportation machinery from electric machinery, shipbuilding and power industries) and USD 100.42/barrel (the high point on September 14, 2012). The support is at $93.56/barrel, which will reverse the recent bullish pattern after falling below the target of $90.65/barrel (last Thursday's low), $90.11/barrel (last Wednesday's low), $89.21/barrel (April 24 low) and $87.80/barrel (April 23 low)

at 7:25 Beijing time, NYMEX June crude oil futures rose 1.26% to $96.13/barrel

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