The hottest street battle mode of cloud computing

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The street battle mode of cloud computing has been officially opened. Microsoft is betting on open source

the industry estimates that China will account for 10% of the global cloud computing industry in the future. In the face of such a huge and attractive cake, how can it giants who flaunt themselves as cloud computing experts miss it? The author of this article spoke about the current situation and trends of the cloud computing industry, which is not well known to many people, and highlighted that Microsoft, which has positioned itself in cloud computing and mobile Internet, is gearing up to compete with strong rivals such as Amazon and IBM

2014 is the watershed of cloud computing

previously, major it and Internet companies at home and abroad were making efforts in cloud computing, making achievements in their respective fields, but most of the main achievements were reflected in private clouds. After 2014, several international giants' cloud computing public cloud platforms have been launched in China, officially opening the street battle mode

the curtain is about to open, and Microsoft has determined to take open source as its main direction of cloud computing. IBM, which tearfully transformed cloud computing, tried to save itself in new fields, and Amazon, which is already the world's largest cloud computing field, also started working in China step by step

street battle is coming

the concept of cloud computing has been hot for many years. The IT giant represented by Microsoft and IBM and the Internet giant represented by Google and Amazon, as well as many domestic companies such as Alibaba, Shanda and Huawei, are also deploying cloud computing. Major companies have been fighting in private cloud for many years, and each has its own advantages, while the street battle era of public cloud platform in China is also coming

in 2013, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon eight immortals crossed the sea and showed their magic powers. They achieved the landing of cloud computing platform by cooperating with different local partners

in May last year, Microsoft announced that it had joined hands with the Shanghai municipal government and 21vianet to bring its public cloud services into China, officially realizing the landing of its windowsazure platform, becoming the first international public cloud platform to land successfully

In July, IBM announced that it had signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with the capital on public cloud. The two sides carried out all-round strategic cooperation in the field of public cloud to jointly build a public cloud platform. IBM undertook the design, development and construction of the platform, and fully participated in the management of the platform after its completion

at the end of December, Amazon China held a press conference in Beijing and officially announced that the public cloud service AWS (amazonwebservice) will realize the landing of AWS in China through strategic cooperation with the cloud base under broadband capital. China will be the fourth region of Amazon AWS in the Asia Pacific region and the 10th region in the world

the arrival of giants. During the "1025" period, a number of national first prize for technological invention, first prize for scientific and technological progress, and first prize for natural science were awarded to technological achievements in the field of new materials. Domestic Baidu cloud computing, Tencent's Micro cloud and 360 cloud followed suit for a while, setting off 1 yuan 2T storage space, free unlimited storage space and other services for individual users. However, there is no problem for individual users to join in. But the decision of enterprise users is not so easy

up to now, because there is no unified understanding and standard for the time being, even the major CTOs can't explain exactly what kind of cloud service is a good service

recently, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon are all competing to announce the accumulation of local cases, and Microsoft has also taken advantage of the live webcast of the 2014 Spring Festival Gala. However, the giants need to use their respective maces to expand the achievements and win the recognition of more local customers as soon as possible

Microsoft bet on open source

Microsoft's previous attitude towards open source was unclear, but its attitude towards windowsazure's open source measures was clear. Microsoft has specially established an open subsidiary to build a bridge between Microsoft and non Microsoft technologies

open source or not is just a rule of the game, which does not determine success or failure. But obviously, windowsazure platform will help to build a healthier industry ecosystem, which is more suitable for current needs

it is understood that windowsazure's support for open source is mainly reflected in two aspects: first, virtual machines can be deployed and run on windowsazure, supporting open source operating systems, as well as various open source software and open source databases running on windows and open source operating systems. Second, windowsazure's support for open source is reflected in its support for open source development. At present, it supports popular open source programming languages such as Java, ruby and python. Windowsazuresdk itself is also open source, and some open source products are also used in windowsazure

at the same time, in addition to the open source operating system, windowsazure can also run other open source software, such as open source databases such as mongodb. In addition, Microsoft has a certain cooperation with the open source community, which provides complete documents, such as telling you how to install mongodb on IAAs and PAAS virtual machines. Developers can download the source code on GitHub, including some command-line tools

in addition, Microsoft windowsazure mobile services supports the Android platform, which makes it easier to connect clients and mobile applications to the scalable cloud backend. In April, 2013, Microsoft announced to add support for HTML5 applications to windowsazuremobileservices, giving enterprises more options to easily create applications that can be quickly expanded in the cloud and on various devices

Jiang Boli, President of Microsoft Open Technology Co., Ltd., said publicly that windowsazure is essentially an Internet 10 The electronic tensile testing machine has the function of historical test data demonstration service, which mainly provides services and interfaces to users through the browser, which fundamentally determines the open source DNA of windowsazure. Because only by providing the greatest openness can we obtain the widest range of users

various tools

at present, Amazon AWS is the overlord in the field of cloud computing. According to the data of gartne's compressive strength test r of cement, concrete, various building bricks, rubber mats, concrete components, metal components, etc., AWS' market share is five times that of the total of 14 other major companies (except Google)

although Amazon has never announced specific results, according to the estimates of Macquarie analysts, the revenue of Amazon AWS department was close to $4billion last year. Although this cannot be compared with the e-commerce department's sales of more than $60billion, Amazon CEO Jeff? Bezos predicts that AWS will become Amazon's largest business in the future. Kensena, an analyst at evercorepartners, an American investment bank, predicts that AWS' valuation may reach $50billion by 2015. At the same time, the current revenue of Microsoft windowsazure platform is about $1billion

however, given that multinational companies often encounter acclimatization when they use Chinese subsidiaries to operate a complex product, how to build an ecosystem and how to develop the local market after AWS is launched has not disclosed too much information. The biggest problem facing AWS is localization. Product research and development, technical support and sales support are the key to future business

compared with Amazon's complacency, IBM's cloud computing path is accompanied by blood and tears. In the same month that IBM announced that it would invest $1.2 billion to expand its global cloud computing services, it also announced that future earnings would include $1billion in labor replacement (i.e. layoffs) expenses

giant blue is determined to cut itself off and welcome the change. Compared with Amazon, IBM's years of customer accumulation and channel training in China are IBM's biggest strength at present

ibm has been serving government and large enterprise customers for many years, and has helped many customers realize high-value cloud computing in smart cities, telecommunications, retail, finance and other industries. For this reason, IBM also has a good return. In 2013, IBM's single season cloud mainly achieved annual weight reduction of vehicles in three stages, with a computing revenue of $1billion. According to statistics, IBM has more than 5000 private cloud applications, with a year-on-year increase of more than 100% in 2012 over 2011. Whether the technology stack of private cloud can pave the way for IBM's public cloud needs time to test

China is a magical arena. In addition to products, sales and services, there may be other plug-ins to change the rules of the game. Therefore, the author does not lie about the ending. The curtain opens and everyone prepares popcorn on the sofa. Wait and see

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