The hottest straw bundling reprocessing blooms eve

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Straw bundling and reprocessing are blooming everywhere to broaden the utilization of straw in the suburbs of Beijing

to completely solve the problem of straw burning in the open air, the key is to make full use of straw. The main ways of comprehensive utilization of straw in the suburbs of Beijing are: fertilizer (crushed and returned to the field or processed into organic fertilizer), feed (processed into straw feed), energy (used as clean energy raw materials such as biogas), and base material (used as raw materials for processing mushroom sticks)

for wheat straw, the main way of comprehensive utilization in previous years was crushing and returning to the field, that is, directly crushing and returning to the field during the harvesting process through the crushing device of the wheat harvester, or using the straw crusher to grind after the wheat harvester harvests the wheat, and then using the no tillage cover seeder to sow summer corn, so as to realize the comprehensive utilization of wheat straw. There is also a very common equipment. In places like Doudian village in Fangshan District, combined with the relatively developed breeding industry in the village, wheat straw is collected and processed into straw feed for cattle raising, which further improves the utilization value of wheat straw

the difference between the utilization of wheat straw this year and previous years is that the situation of collecting wheat straw by baler and then processing and utilization began to blossom everywhere, greatly expanding the utilization of wheat straw

the Xingnong Tianli agricultural machinery professional cooperative located in Shunyi, Beijing, has harvested a total of 8000 mu of wheat this year. Not only are they all baled and collected, but also 1000 mu are baled in the surrounding farmers' wheat fields. For this reason, the cooperative specially spent 450000 yuan to buy a new large round baler and 120000 yuan to buy a new loader for loading and unloading these round bales this year. Chen Ling, the chairman of the cooperative, said happily that these round bales can be sold to cattle farms and other enterprises to reach 680 yuan/ton. Excluding the costs of baling, hauling and so on, the net income per mu can be nearly 100 yuan. At present, the center has established a research and development team of nearly 70 people, which is equivalent to an increase of 100 yuan per mu. With the increase of practical strength. Miyun District has strengthened the collection and utilization of straw. After the harvest of 6000 mu of wheat in the region, all straw is bundled mechanically. The baled and recycled straw is sold to enterprises as raw materials for fertilizer, fuel, feed and other products, and each mu of land can earn nearly 40 yuan. Miyun Henan Zhai agricultural machinery professional cooperative has baled 5000 mu this year. President Chen Xiangyang said happily that after the wheat straw is baled and collected, the wheat straw on the surface is less, and it is easier to work when sowing next crops such as corn, which is welcomed by farmers; Through baling operation, the cooperative has improved the utilization rate of machinery, and there can be an income from the sale of wheat straw, which improves the income of the cooperative. Both sides are happy

according to the introduction of the relevant responsible comrades of the Municipal Bureau of agriculture, the load unit is installed on the mobile beam driven by electromechanical drive or oil pressure. At present, the wheat harvest in the city has basically ended, and all wheat straw can be comprehensively utilized, which strongly supports the work of straw burning prohibition. According to the environmental and meteorological satellite monitoring of the Ministry of environmental protection, no burning point of crop straw was found during the summer vacation in the city

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