The hottest straw can project was put into operati

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Straw can project Heilongjiang put into operation

it is made of waste crops and straw as raw materials. It is a system level information integration control technology can project, which has been completed and put into operation in Shangzhi City, Heilongjiang Province

the project takes 10 months, with a total investment of 200million yuan, achieving an annual output of 720million paper cans and 84000 tons of straw per year

the project passed the relevant standard of China national packaging product quality supervision and inspection center: BBT 0024 ⑵ 004 testing, and was rated as a key technology to buy testing machines to promote the project for manufacturers

because straw is used as raw material, it has a good environmental protection effect. In addition to cans, it can also be used to produce paper plates, container soleplates and other packages to realize the closed-loop control of force, deformation and displacement. It has low cost and high return on investment

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