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Strategy analytics: the sales volume of service robots will reach 34million in 2022

strategy Analytics has analyzed the current situation of service robots in a series of research reports recently released. The reports "personal service robots: from RVC to pet dogs" and "professional service robots: delivery and logistics driven sales" concluded that domestic robots and commercial robots will develop rapidly in the next decade. In 2022, six years later, the sales of personal service robots, including vacuum cleaner robots and personal escort robots, will increase by 280%, while professional service robots, such as delivery and cleaning robots, will increase by more than 600%

ville petteri ukonaho, senior analyst at strategy analytics, said that in 2016, the sales of personal service robots will account for 99% of all service robots. 60% of them are home collaborative robots, which are used for cleaning and other household chores; In 2022, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of such robots will reach 16%. Another important category of personal service robots includes escort robots, which provide assistance, education and entertainment for their owners. The sales volume of these two types of robots will exceed that of cleaning/household robots in 2019

Ken Hyers, director of emerging device strategy at strategy analytics, said that in terms of region, the penetration rate of service robots was the highest in North America in 2015 and 2016; They are used by consumers to clean floors, mow lawns and clean swimming pools. However, with Xiaomi, zenbo, Softbank and other companies focusing on the local market, the sales volume of collaborative robots in 2017 will be the highest in the Asia Pacific region. In 2022, 60% of the service overview: robots will be sold in the Asia Pacific region

Ville petteri ukonaho added that professional service robots are another growing robot market. Kiva, which is similar to Amazon, is used as a robot to sort packages and deliver goods; There are also robots with other functions, such as assisting in surgery in hospitals, cleaning offices and factories, and agricultural harvesting. The biggest constraint on the sales of professional service robots is price. For example, medical robot systems are very expensive, so most of them are rented by hospitals rather than purchased. We predict that the compound annual growth rate of professional service robots will reach 32% between now and 2022

the reports personal service robots: from RVC to pet dogs, etc., professional service robots: sales driven by delivery and logistics, and global service robot sales forecast: have been released by strategy analytics emerging equipment strategy (EDS) service. For details of the report, please click:

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