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Zhengzhou: street lights have not been on for five years. Residents go out to "look at the lights"

dozens of street lights are neatly stacked on both sides of the wide road, but the road is still dark at night. In recent days, many citizens in Zhengzhou have reported that the streetlights on many roads in the urban area and Jinshui District of Zhengzhou are always "closed", and some even "haven't been on for five years", which has brought great inconvenience to residents' travel

what is more unacceptable is that some road sections are still "dark" after years of reflection by residents. In this regard, even from the perspective of the development of single screw, we have visited Japan and tried to get an explanation from the relevant departments in Zhengzhou. Unfortunately, both the urban management department in charge of urban lighting management and the Zhengzhou construction commission in charge of Municipal Engineering Construction said that the street lights of these roads were not under their own management, and even there was a phenomenon of "kicking the ball" back and forth

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Yuying Road: street lights "haven't been on for at least five years" tens of thousands of households walk at night and rely on "looking at the headlights"

in recent days, at least a dozen citizens have reported that street lights on many roads near Yuying road never light up, and they can only feel dark at night, which brings them great safety hazards

on August 10, it is noted that this technology is expected to enter the market in 2015. Those who come to Zhengzhou Guancheng district to check near Haihang road and Yuying road. At this time, it was around 8 o'clock in the night. People came out of the community along the street to enjoy the cool and ran at night. Cars roared past on the road from time to time. People and cars were intertwined, but the whole road was dark, and occasionally the lights flashed past, which was very dangerous

the road is dark, is there no street lamp installed? No

roughly counted, from the south of Yuying intersection of Haihang road to Zidong Road, there were at least 50 street lights on both sides of the nearly two kilometer long road, but none of them were on

"so many street lights are all decorations. The road has been repaired for more than five years, and the street lights haven't been on for a day." Mr. Qin, a resident who lives near Yuying Road, told him that because of this always "closed eyes" Yuying Road, he was always nervous about taking his children for a relaxing walk every night. "I'm afraid a car will pop out of nowhere."

during the visit, it was found that there was a large electric vehicle market in the west of Yuying Road, and many residential areas such as Zhengshang new blue diamond and golden harbor were distributed in the east of the road

"when the old man walked to the door of the electric car market at night, an electric car came out and almost hit the old man." Miss Liu, who lives in Zhengshang new blue diamond community, said that near Yuying Road, there are nearly 10000 households in just a few buildings in Zhengshang. People often fall or are knocked down when "walking in the dark". Yuying Road, which is equipped with street lights but does not turn on, has brought too much trouble to everyone's travel

"don't look at dozens of street lights at our door, you still have to look at the lights when you go out." An old gentleman enjoying the cool joked. "Is it a waste of taxpayers' money that the street lights have not been on for several years?" Several nearby residents questioned

north section of Fengqing Road: muck trucks shuttle, but the road is dark. Residents dare not let their children go home by themselves.

the "closed eyes" road is not only Yuying road. According to the clues provided by citizens, the visit found that in a large area north of Sanquan road and west of Wenhua North Road in Jinshui District, many roads were "dark"

on the evening of August 12, I came to the above areas to check, and found that the roads with perfect street light facilities but no light were at least Fengqing Road (Sanquan road - Weihe North Road), Jinguan road and Weihe North Road, and there were at least five residential areas in the above areas, where about 10000 people lived

when visiting these three roads, I found that, especially in Fengqing Road (Sanquan road - Weihe North Road), there is a construction site for the collection and distribution of waste trucks, a second-hand car trading market, and Fengqing Road Primary School is not far from the west of the road. Nearby residents said that at night, there are many big cars here, and the speed is very fast, which is very dangerous

"the street lights don't light up on both roads at home." Mr. Zhang, who lives near Jinguan Road, said to roast that his daughter goes to school at Fengqing Road Primary School. Although the school is only across Fengqing road from his home, because the street lights on Fengqing road and Jinguan road are dark all night, when he goes to pick up the children in the interest class, he always has to make a big circle and dare not let the children come back by themselves

in Weihe North Road, a young man who runs at night told him that in his impression, the street lights on this road "have not been lit at all"

"with so many street lights, I don't know what's the use? Is it for the sake of looking good in the daytime?" Mr. Zhang sighed to


urban management:

the street lights of the four roads have not been handed over to us

it is suggested to ask the municipal construction commission

on the afternoon of August 14, the urban lighting management office under Zhengzhou Urban Management Bureau was contacted. The staff of the office told that the residents' complaints about Yuying Road, Jinguan Road At present, the performance of this material meets the experimental method of shciqh 0003-200l "qualitative inspection method of milk fiber textiles". In the areas north of Hebei Road and Fengqing Road, the street lamps have not been handed over to the lighting management office, so they are not under their management

according to the residents' description, these roads are either built in twoorthree years or more than five years. Why are these roads not handed over to the urban lighting management office

in this regard, the staff of Zhengzhou urban lighting management office said that at present, Zhengzhou has no mandatory requirement to hand over street lights to this office for management after the completion of the road. "Some roads that are more partial have not been handed over to us after ten years of construction." "The road that has not been handed over to the lighting management office, who should I look for if the street lights are not on?" Questioning. The staff responded that it was suggested to ask Zhengzhou construction commission or call urban construction 12319 for consultation

Construction Committee:

three roads "haven't even heard their names"

the other one was handed over to urban management last year

a staff member surnamed Feng of Zhengzhou Construction Committee asked him to contact the "minister Su" of the municipal engineering construction center under the Municipal Construction Committee after understanding the situation, saying that "he knows as long as it is the road section that the Construction Committee is responsible for managing"

"minister Su" told in that he "hasn't even heard of the name of the road" on Yuying Road, Jinguan road and Weihe North Road, and it is not under the management of the Construction Committee. As for the problem that the street lights of Fengqing Road (Sanquan road - Weihe North Road) are not on, "minister Su" said that they are indeed responsible for the construction of this road section, and the street lights have not been on since 2014, because the voltage load can not keep up, but the solution of this problem "needs the coordination of multiple departments"

"however, according to the minutes of the mayor's meeting on June 1st, 2017, 179 roads of the municipal construction commission were automatically handed over to the urban management department for management. Therefore, this road section is no longer under our control."


asked many departments of the municipal urban management and municipal construction commission

and said they would not be in their own charge

during the interview, they also reported the problem of four street lights not on to Zhengzhou urban construction 12319. After verification, the staff reported that they contacted the Zhengzhou construction committee, Zhengzhou Urban Management Bureau, Zhengzhou construction investment group, Zhengzhou urban construction group, and the Jinshui District Construction Bureau where the north section of Fengqing road is located, but the above units said they did not belong to them

the staff member also admitted that she was particularly impressed by Yu Ying Road, one of the four roads. "Both last year and this year, citizens reported the situation to us. When asked last year, the municipal construction commission replied that the power supply was not ready. When asked again this year, the Municipal Construction Commission did not reply to us."


there has been a "criminal record" long ago when the street lights are not on

no clear reply has been made to the complaint for three years

it is noted that citizens have reported the above-mentioned phenomenon of multiple street lights not on through various channels, among which the problem of Yuying road has been complained of since 2015. Similar to my experience, I also encountered "kicking the ball"

in January 2015, a friend named "new blue diamond e district" posted a post on the Zhengzhou network politics all media platform, saying that the street lights on Yuying road were not on. At that time, Zhengzhou Urban Management Bureau said that it would reply to the friend as soon as possible. However, it is noted that the complaint shows that it has been questioned for 6207 hours, and no follow-up reply has been received from Zhengzhou Urban Management Bureau

in May 2017, another friend posted a post on the "Guancheng district" section, saying: "Yuying road in Zhengzhou city went south from Haihang road to Zidong road and tightened the migration limit of heavy metal zinc to 5mg/kg. The street light has not been on for four years", "traffic accidents have been scratched at night". This post also did not receive any reply from any department

as for the street lamp problems north of Sanquan road and west of Wenhua North Road, many friends also complained on Zhengzhou luowenzheng all media platform. Note that in the "Zhengzhou construction committee" section, you reported that the street lights of Fengqing Road, Jinguan road and Weihe North Road were not on on February 17 this year, and so far, you have not seen any reply

at the same time, in the "Zhengzhou construction committee" section, most posts have zero replies, and the highest number of replies is a friend's roast, saying that "all problems have not been handled, it is recommended to cancel the Zhengzhou Construction Committee section", which has been approved by 8 friends

"every summer, there are many accidents on this road, but the government departments play ball back and forth. Does it have to kill people to get attention?" After listening to the experience, several citizens who reflected the clues asked helplessly


don't let the city

be bright only in the daytime

a big city should not be bright only in the daytime. The night is also a drill ground to test the fine management of the city. The streetlights originally set up for the convenience of the people have been standing on the roadside for five years because the relevant departments do not know who is in charge of them. As citizens have questioned, this not only involves the idleness of urban resources, but also a waste of taxpayers' money

as the school season approaches, many schools are carrying out campus repair and construction. How to ensure the implementation of various environmental protection measures while grasping the construction progress has become the top priority of the prevention and control of air pollution on campus. Yesterday, it was learned from the Management Committee of Zhengdong new area that Zhengdong New Area imposed heavy fines on Haiwen kindergarten, Zhengdong New Area Foreign Language School and two schools that violated environmental protection regulations in the campus repair and construction, so as to continue to maintain the high-pressure pollution control situation and resolutely manage all kinds of pollution sources

it is understood that during the recent inspection, the staff of the Environmental Protection Office of Ruyi Lake Office found that during the campus repair and construction of Haiwen kindergarten, there were problems such as exposed loess, substandard coverage, no wet dust reduction operation, incomplete certificates of construction waste removal vehicles, etc; The foreign language school in Zhengdong New Area has problems such as large-scale chiseling and decoration, and serious dust on the construction site. To this end, the staff asked the two schools to stop construction, and at the same time, interviewed the project construction unit and the heads of the construction unit, worked out the construction plan of dust control measures, and issued the decision of administrative punishment. The Haiwen kindergarten was fined 100000 yuan and the foreign language school was fined 20000 yuan. In order to ensure that the rectification is in place, the Environmental Protection Office of the office, the dust law enforcement squadron, the community and other relevant departments will carry out uninterrupted inspections of the project throughout the day, and assign special personnel, full-time, responsible and dedicated to supervise and urge the above two schools to implement environmental protection measures on site to ensure that the rectification of problems is in place

I learned that since this year, Zheng

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