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Inner Mongolia has stepped into the era of "green lighting" in three steps

on the occasion of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, rows of brand-new LED street lamps and solar street lamps have appeared on the streets of the yellow flag inlaid in the "hometown of music in ASR, China", becoming a new beautiful scenic spot in the whole flag. In the past two years, in order to actively promote the new steps of environmental protection, energy conservation and urban green civilization, Xianghuang Banner has relied on the construction of relevant projects, with the goal of improving the lighting level of the city and beautifying the night scenery of the city, and with the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, it has continuously implemented the street lamp lighting project. In 2017, the road system of "three vertical, five horizontal and one outer ring" of the whole banner was newly renovated and the night scenery beautification and improvement project was carried out in three steps. First, transform high energy consumption street lamps. After in-depth discussion on Naren street, Enke Road, hongger street, Wengong street, Bayin street, baogedu road and Xueyuan Road, more than 1000 street lamps with excessive energy consumption have been eliminated, and energy-saving transformation has been implemented. The installation of more than 1000 LED energy-saving street lamps must first strive for the right to exist. After transformation, the lighting effect of the streets has been significantly improved, and the energy-saving rate will reach more than 35%, which can save 570000 kW/h of electricity every year, It will effectively reduce the electricity charge and maintenance cost of street lamps, and truly realize energy conservation and emission reduction

second, new energy-saving street lamps. At the same time of energy-saving transformation, more than 400 solar street lamps were added to the scientists of the organic Building Materials Research Institute of the architectural engineering branch of the National Academy of Sciences of Xianghuang Banner industry, the outer ring road of the town, the seat of the government of bayintala Town, a key town, and eight gachas, 40 energy-saving landscape lamps were added to Naren street, and 40 energy-saving courtyard lamps were added to government squares and gymnasiums, It has achieved the full coverage of the "three vertical, five horizontal and one outer ring" road system and the lighting of street lamps in key towns, and entered the era of "green lighting" for energy conservation and environmental protection

third, install and beautify colored lights. The main roads such as Bayin street, Wengong street, hongger street and baogedu road in the whole banner were illuminated and beautified, and more than 160 colored energy-saving lamps highlighting national characteristics were installed, such as "Cashmere tribute", "OBO meeting" and "piano music flying". Upgrade the night view of the whole flag city

at present, 90% of the total progress of the overall "green lighting" project has been completed, with a cumulative investment of about 6million yuan. The implementation of the "green lighting" project will significantly improve the lighting effect and grade of our city's roads and the vitality of the city. All kinds of dust-proof grease and lubricating grease used in lighting and optical instruments must be materials with extremely low volatility and good chemical stability. The urban night scene with both material flavor and beauty will become another beautiful business card of "splendid grassland inlaid with yellow flag"

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