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Printers and paper manufacturers jointly test the RFID paper roll tracking scheme

Yedioth information technologies is an IT company subordinate to Yedioth media group, an Israeli media company. The company is now working with RFID hardware provider powerid to develop a set of RFID software and hardware solutions papervue. Papervue is used to track the whole process of large pile paper rolls leaving the manufacturing plant, transporting to the printing plant and manufacturing newspapers

papervue uses a battery powered, passive RFID tag powerr. Powerr label designed by powerid can overcome the challenge of leading the world in paper roll labeling. In order to counter the characteristics of blocking RF rays, including 10% humidity for each roll of 4 papers, powerid specially modified the antenna of its standard BAP RFID logistics tag, said Elan freedberg, marketing director of powerid. The labels pasted on the surface of the thick paperboard of the roll paper axis must be able to withstand the physical pressure from the winder, and can penetrate multiple layers of paper to emit their unique ID numbers (the diameter of a roll of paper is usually.5 meters)

the reason why powerr labels are superior to ordinary passive labels lies in the extremely long reading distance. Freedberg said: power@ scope of application: the reading distance of R labels can reach meters, This means that labels can be used in the whole supply chain circulation process, including entrance and exit. Generally, the reading distance of passive tags is less than 2 meters. In recent years, when the reader is close to the paper roll, ordinary tags may also work well; However, he said that there was a problem with the reading distance when the paper roll entered and exited

powerr tags run in the MHz frequency band and currently support the ip-x air interface protocol developed by ipico. At the end of this year, powerid plans to release a version that meets the EPC Gen 2 label

yedioth information technologies has also developed an applicable analysis software: the printing factory uses this software to analyze the label data obtained when the paper roll flows in the supply chain, and obtain relevant data: such as when and which roll of paper leaves the printing factory; When to arrive at the printing factory, so that the printing factory can decide the inventory level at any time

a year ago, Yedioth information technologies began to study the possibility of using RFID technology to track paper rolls (each roll can cost up to $1000), and discussed with several Yedioth Ahronoth paper suppliers. Suppliers believe that the reading distance of passive RFID tags can not meet the requirements, and the price of active tags is too expensive, so Yedioth information technologies finally chose powerid BAP RFID tags

in 2006, Yedioth information technologies, in cooperation with Holmen paper and Stora Enso, tested several pilot projects in Sweden and Belgium respectively. In the project, the label is adhered to the center of the paper axis and read with a reader at different points. In the three-month project with Holmen, at least 1000 paper rolls were labeled. The labels are read one by one at the entrances and exits of the production site and the warehouse. In this pilot project, the success rate of tag reading finally reached 100%

applying RFID tags to paper rolls not only means a reduction in inventory, avrahami said, the company can also reduce the labor costs currently used to track paper rolls. The company can also better control the production quality, because the RFID system can ensure that the paper roll is on the correct paper axis. Install a reader on the winder, and the paper breaks during the printing process; Newspaper companies can record the rupture of paper rolls and provide information to suppliers

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