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Several common problems and treatment methods in the printing process

1, image dizziness and unclean blank part

to solve this problem, the glass of the printing machine must first be kept clean. Wipe it with alcohol, both sides. If the transparency is not enough after work, the light penetration will be affected, and the exposed version will be blurred. If the film plate and glass "Yan Jian said that the glass plate is not tightly attached, it will also cause drying and filtering

sometimes, when a film base is used for a long time, there are many residual adhesives left by adhesive tape on it, and the transmittance will be affected, and the film and the film base will not be pasted so closely. Therefore, the film base needs to be replaced if it is used for a long time. When making up, if two images overlap, the image is also not real. For example, if leather cloth is used for a long time, it will age, and there will be a small amount of air leakage at some edges. PS version and film will not stick tightly, and the pictures and texts exposed will also be false. If the machine is used for a long time, check whether the vacuum degree of the air pump is enough

if the lamp is used too long, the cutting rate will decrease and the exposure will be insufficient. When inhaling, if you can't gradually walk around from the middle, fr ⑴ 03C computer-based servo universal tensile testing machine is a new material combining electronic technology and mechanical transmission. The experimental opportunity causes local bubbles, and the PS version will have local blur. This is to check the base plate at the bottom

2. PS version dot is not true

to solve the problem that the other two-phase cables should be grounded, it is necessary to check from the film. The spots on the film used for printing should have enough blackness. The spot structure on the printing plate should be transferred to the printing plate. Never let the covered part (spot) pass through the amount of light, causing the photosensitive layer of the printing plate to become photosensitive. Otherwise, the dots on the printing plate will not be solid, and the dots will fall off when printing. Point halo empty, we know that the absolutely clear point, the transition between the light transmission plane and the coverage with high blackness is very steep, which is abrupt, and the edge of the point is actually vertically rising. On the contrary, the blackness increases slowly from the edge. So the point produces an edge with a large or small inclination

the faint spots on the printing plate cause color deviation due to their unstable performance, and the loss of small dots on the printing plate can often be seen. To solve this problem, the film before printing should be strictly checked, and the dots should have enough blackness and clear edges

3. It can't reflect the subtle parts of the work

such as a hair, which is on the photo, but becomes blurred on the printing plate. This is mainly because the exposure is not enough or the concentration of the potion is too high when developing the version, which washes out the details

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