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Which is better to introduce the printer HP hp126a or m1136? What's the difference? How about the function

both HP hp126a and m1136 are three in one printers for printing, copying and scanning. Their performance is basically the same according to the function, but they have advantages in printing speed and supported systems

m1136 18 pcs per minute, supporting operating systems windousxp7, windows8, windows10

According to the demand comparison between traditional industries and high-tech industries

hp126a is 20 sheets per minute. Support operating systems windows8, windows7, WindowsVista, windowsxpsp3 or higher (only 32 bits); MacOSXv10.6。

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<2. Price quotation of HP m1136:

HP m1136 multi-function three in one black-and-white laser all-in-one machine (printing, copying and scanning) upgraded model 136a/136w/136nw

[HP printing] annual carnival promotion! Wireless continuous supply, three in one, freezing point falling in a limited time! There is also a limited purchase of 11.11 yuan printers

JD price: ¥ 1119.00

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III. HP m1136 other user comments:

place an order at 8 a.m. and receive it at more than 4 p.m. that day, which is moving. I installed and tested it for the first time, and briefly described my feelings: first, WiFi WPS button direct connection is really fast. It takes 1 minute to complete WiFi settings; 2、 No matter the computer printing or establishing links and printing speed is very fast, the effect is normal; 3、 The copy effect is also good, because the cover plate is very light, gently press and hold the effect is very good, and the scanning has no other external use; 4、 The machine is light and simple in appearance. It is hoped that graphene with conductive properties can be added to the composite in the hope of stable subsequent output without failure

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