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Print Expo 2007: full Print Exhibition vigorously promotes the positive response of the printing industry

from June 14 to 17, 2006, the Organizing Committee of the fourth China International Printing new technology exhibition (print Expo 2007) successfully carried out a series of extensive publicity and promotion activities during the Shanghai full Print Exhibition, and received extensive attention and unanimous praise from exhibitors and visitors

new and old exhibitors paid a comprehensive visit to

during the All India exhibition, members of the print Expo 2007 organizing committee met with many old customers and widely listened to their views on the development of the industry with a building area of 134000 square meters and their suggestions for the next print Expo. All old exhibitors, including beiren, Shangbao, Mitsubishi, Komori, Zhongde group, Wutai Group and Lianqiang group, said that the 2007 Beijing printing exhibition not only has a long history, but also meets the development needs of the domestic printing exhibition market

at the same time, the members of the print Expo 2007 project team visited the new exhibitors at the all print exhibition one by one, and also received the exhibitors' positive response that do not adjust the instrument when using it actively. The majority of exhibitors have expressed their optimism about the strong radiation power of Beijing as an international metropolis and the huge business opportunities brought by the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Print Expo 2007 will be the best exhibition platform. They will take advantage of Beijing's strong market radiation and attraction, and take advantage of the opportunity of hosting the Olympic Games to show the development status of enterprises and their own strength in an all-round way

audience publicity is booming

in the all print exhibition venue, the white large-scale publicity of print Expo 2007 was particularly eye-catching in 2014, and the two publicity booths also attracted widespread attention. The members of the print Expo 2007 project team actively promoted the visitors, enthusiastically introduced the history, preparation and progress of the exhibition to the visitors who came to inquire, carefully listened to the visitors' views and suggestions on the exhibition, and received extensive attention and enthusiastic response from professional visitors. The audience publicity activities were very successful

supporting activities actively participated in the promotion activities of print Expo 2007. In addition to actively visiting new and old exhibitors and widely publicizing to the audience, they also actively participated in various supporting activities such as the meeting of the president and Secretary General of the all China Association of printing held at the same time of the All India exhibition, the 2006 China Printing forum, the printing industry exchange and friendship meeting between the mainland of China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and so on, The exhibition was publicized and promoted during the event, which won the attention and support of people in the printing industry

tidbits: the small fan blows a white whirlwind

print Expo 2007 in the promotion of the all print exhibition, from the perspective of the audience and exhibitors, from the subtle point of view of the needs of the audience, the small gifts distributed to them are also unique

due to the hot weather during the all print exhibition, the small white fans presented by the print Expo 2007 organizing committee to the audience and exhibitors are very popular, and the majority of the audience almost have one in hand, which can be seen everywhere, blowing a white whirlwind in the all print exhibition venue

at the same time, the map with exhibition advertisements and the surrounding environment of Shanghai New International Expo Center distributed by the print Expo 2007 organizing committee is also very popular with the majority of visitors and exhibitors, especially the map provides directional guidance to visitors and exhibitors from other places, which is very practical

the fourth China International Printing new technology exhibition (print Expo 2007) will be held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from June 12 to 16, 2007. Before this series promotion, print Expo 2007 has successfully held several promotion activities in ipex2006 exhibition, World Packaging Conference and the first China printing machinery and equipment brand (user) satisfaction survey

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