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The theme of print China 2015 is determined, and it is expected to attract 180000 people

the press conference of print China 2015 will be held at Dongguan Lihua Exhibition on April 10

although it is nearly a year away from the official launch, through the comprehensive analysis of its historical data, exhibitors and audience organization, the printchina2015 organizing committee predicts that the printchina2015 will be held at Dongguan Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center from 7 to 12, 2015, including exhibitors, exhibition area The three core indicators of exhibitors are expected to reach more than 1300, 140000 square meters and 180000 person times respectively. The data after printchina2011 show that the above three data are 1261, 120000 square meters and more than 160000 person times respectively. Affected by the printing ban, rising costs and overcapacity, China's printing industry is facing many difficulties, but compared with Britain, the United States, Japan and other countries, the printing industry continues to receive attention. The comprehensive printing exhibition is an important symbol to measure the prosperity of a country's printing industry. China's large-scale comprehensive printing exhibition often makes people fall below their glasses in times of crisis. For example, chinaprint2009, a device that can turn some kind of oil draining machinery into electricity output after righting its position, coincided with the financial crisis, but it became the largest printing exhibition since the founding of the people's Republic of China. Obviously, there are reasons behind the steady and sustained growth of China's economy at a relatively high speed worldwide. At the same time, the city has completed one experiment to drive the urbanization and modernization construction. In contrast, developed capitalist countries lack large-scale urban construction (including supporting urban industrial construction) due to their relatively mature social development, in other words, they lack the driving force for the development of the printing industry and domestic demand. In addition, the slow economic recovery has not yet fully recovered from the impact and impact of the financial crisis. Compared with the free economy of capitalist countries, China's relatively centralized state governance system has shown great advantages, has been little impacted by the financial crisis, and took the lead in coming out of its shadow. When the United States, Japan, Britain and other countries used to replace the traditional process of acid treatment, the international printing exhibition often made people fall below their glasses. The exhibitors, exhibition area and audience of ipex2014, which just ended, were 400, 15000 square meters and 23000 respectively, while the three data of ipex2010 were 1000, 50000 square meters and 50000 respectively. Since the launch of printchina2015 exhibition recruitment in March, more than 300 domestic and foreign printing equipment and equipment manufacturers, including Heidelberg, gaobao, Komori, Roland, beiren group, Shanghai Electric, Han's Guanhua, Tianjin evergreen, have submitted applications or confirmed to participate in the exhibition. The reserved area is 71000 square meters, more than 50% of the estimated exhibition area. After the launch of the project, the printchina2015 organizing committee has visited Thailand, the United States, Malaysia and other places, and recruited and organized visitors through local printing associations; Hold press conferences in the UK, Malaysia, Beijing and other places; Participate in printing exhibitions in Shanghai, Wenzhou, Guangzhou and other places. In the coming year, the organizing committee will also visit Russia, Brazil, South Korea, the Philippines, Canada, India and other countries to seek cooperation, and plans to hold five overseas press conferences; Continue to participate in industry exhibitions and press conferences in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places, and will hold printchina2015 international media week in Dongguan in November this year. In addition, the theme of printchina2015 has been determined to be green, efficient, digital and intelligent. The exhibition will focus on green printing, digital printing, web printing, functional printing, nano printing, 3D printing, etc. The exhibition period was extended from 5 days to 6 days

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