The hottest printers beat paper

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Printers have defeated paper

"now, paper has been able to meet the demand, and printers don't need to hoard paper anymore. There is no sign that the price of paper will rise, so there is no need to increase inventory to fight against the rise of future prices" ---- NAPL economist Andrew pabiruz

we must face the fact that paper is no longer a trivial problem for modern printing. If someone can still buy this year's paper at last year's price, he must be a tested hero in the eyes of printers, and it is time to arrange his place in the budget team. Paper is already a top priority for printers

the soaring price of uncoated paper in the first quarter of the year brought some panic to the printing industry. But at present, this trend does not seem to be long-term, because the market performance in the second quarter is still "weak", and some experts even predict that the future paper price will reach the lowest level in 1996

a paper buyer who did not want to give his name admitted that due to the reduction of printing demand, the paper has actually stagnated a few days ago. But on the other hand, it also brought spring to printers. At least Bruce jennis, chairman of MSPGA (Management Science for publishing and graphic arts) thinks so. He is convinced that the price of paper will not rise in the second quarter, but will decline in the third and fourth quarters, at least unchanged

it is undeniable that the reduction of commercial printing demand is one of the main factors that hinder the rise of paper prices. NAPL economist Andrew pabiruz believes that the current downturn in paper prices is a reflection of the cautious mentality of printers. "Unless the expanded demand for printing products drives up the price of paper, the price of paper can only be maintained at the current level." "now, paper has been able to meet the demand, and printers no longer need to stock up on paper. There is no sign that the price of paper will rise, so there is no need to increase inventory to fight against future price increases," he said

6. Prevent high temperature, humidity, dust, corrosive media, water and other immersion into the machine; Mark Nuo noted that in the first quarter of the paper price growth, the performance of all kinds of coated paper is very fragile, cheap and weak, because people have little demand for them. He believes that the weakness of paper is mainly due to the impact of foreign countries, especially North American paper makers. Edith Herrick also holds a similar view. He also believes that "unless the world economy recovers, there will be more and more foreign-made paper."

brin KuMan believes that in addition to foreign shocks, the increase in the stock of printers is another factor in the decline of paper prices. For the rise in the price of uncoated paper, he believes that there are its own reasons behind it, and it is not necessary to keep pace with the changes of other grades of paper

c flexible packaging requires a multi-purpose tensile machine. C. Stephenson Gillespie, chairman and chief executive officer of admus communications, has been looking at the changes in paper prices from another side. "We have been paying attention to the impact of the merger of the industry, including manufacturers and sellers, on prices," he said. Mergers can drive down prices and crowd out competitors. For the next period of paper prices, he and his colleagues do not think there will be much fluctuation. "Although the previous offset printing market has encountered a price war, it is difficult to say whether the rise in paper prices can continue and have a substantive impact.". He said

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