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Common problems and treatment methods in the use of vibration motor

the vibration of vibration motor is because the vibration passes through our lens motor. A group of adjustable eccentric blocks are installed at both ends of the rotor shaft, and the exciting force is obtained by using the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the shaft and eccentric blocks. Then, the cost of the motor is also very high. The larger the excitation force, the larger the size of all specimens should be the same, and the stronger the vibration damage to itself. For large vibration motors, ordinary bolts can no longer completely fix the connection of various parts of the vibration motor, and it is easy to appear the phenomenon of wire falling off. Produce uneven vibration

large vibration motors are mainly 6-level motors with low frequency and high amplitude. High frequency vibration motors are mainly small and medium-sized vibration motors, so when choosing motors, if you need large motors with fast frequency, it is recommended to use more medium-sized motors to improve the vibration force

II: common fault handling methods of vibration motor

1. After starting up, the motor does not start, you should check:

1) whether the power supply is in phase loss

2) whether the motor is open phase

3) whether the protective cover is damaged and rubs the eccentric block

2. After starting up, the motor is noisy and hot, so it should be checked:

1) whether the roughness of the contact surface between the vibrating machine and the motor foundation meets the installation requirements

2) whether the anchor screw bolt is tightened

3) whether the vibration acceleration of the host meets the use requirements

3. If the amplitude changes abnormally after adjusting the eccentric block, check whether the eccentric blocks at both ends of the rotating shaft are adjusted symmetrically

4. In the vibration equipment with two vibration motors working at the same time, when its phase rotation does not meet the requirements, it is necessary to adjust the relative power supply, heating and gas supply system of a single machine for upgrading and transformation sequence, and do not adjust the phase sequence of the main power supply of the two vibration motors

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