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In the future, China's printer market will become the world's largest printer market

the rapid development of China's printer market is obvious to all, which is inseparable from China's growing comprehensive national strength and people's growing demand for printing and office. Therefore, many printer manufacturers pay more and more attention to China as an important market. Many printer manufacturers ask that the Chinese market is an important part of future development, and will gradually increase investment in the Chinese market in the next few years. Some printer manufacturers have launched customized printers in China to meet the operating habits and printing needs of Chinese users

Ricoh Sp100 all-in-one machine series

at the end of 2011, Ricoh released A4 all-in-one machine Sp100 series for the Chinese market: Aficio sp100sf, sp100su and Sp100 three medium and high-end printing products. In terms of appearance and performance, the Sp100 series printer is not a bright spot, but the reason why it is called Chinese customization is that the Sp100 series printer supports independent powder filling

the term "powder filling" can be said to be invented by the Chinese people. Powder filling is to fill new powder after the toner of the laser printer is used up, so as to reduce the use cost without purchasing new consumables. However, this operation has been rejected and abandoned by printer manufacturers, because in this way, the sales of printer consumables, which they rely on for survival, will be seriously threatened. Ricoh's Sp100 series is the first officially launched printer that can support powder filling, which is exactly the usage habit of Chinese users: if you don't support powder filling, I will also fill powder. Simply launched a printer that can fill powder. Although this measure may break the unspoken rules of printer manufacturers, Ricoh is indeed aimed at the usage habits of Chinese users from this point alone. Such a breakthrough attempt is exactly what our users welcome, and the ultimate beneficiaries will be the majority of users

Fuji Xerox DocuCentre s2010 series A3 composite has mechanical properties corresponding to the healing or tissue regeneration function; At the end of May, Fuji Xerox announced four A3 digital multifunction peripheral DocuCentre s1810cps, s2010cps, s1810cpsnw and s2010cpsnw, which have been customized for Chinese users in recent years. This new product has designed more functions and features suitable for Chinese users

in order to meet the growing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, Fuji Xerox launched its customized products in China this time, so it adopted A3 design. With the continuous development and expansion of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises, the demand for printing products will also continue to rise. While A4 products are difficult to upgrade to A3 products, A3 products can meet the printing and office needs of A3 and A4 at the same time. Therefore, Fuji Xerox launched A3 compound machine to meet the needs of Chinese users

Lenovo's new strategy for home beating

previously, Lenovo innovatively released the laser printer lj1680 for home users, and explored the Chinese home printer market with the slogan of "three good printers, worry free for three years". According to the data, China's household printing market capacity will account for 23% of the entire printing market in 2012, ranking the first largest segment market, and the market potential of household printing in the future is huge. The new household laser printer launched by Lenovo will create a new era of household laser printing for the majority of household users with the three good standards of good quality, good cost and good service

this year, Lenovo will strengthen its business in the home laser printing market and strive to become a new benchmark in the home printing market through good services and high-quality products. This move can be seen as Lenovo's new attempt in the Chinese market. Whether it succeeds or not, this attempt is worth encouraging and praising

in addition, there are many products that are constantly localized for the Chinese market, and many printer manufacturers continue to take new measures according to the Chinese market. Recently, Canon held a delivery ceremony of laser printers promoted by Wu Guanghui in Beijing to help SOHO travel. Through this action, Canon will further have zero distance contact with China's small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to meet their printing needs and further cultivate China's business printing market. Canon also put forward the concept that this year is the first year of business, which is also Canon's brand strategy transformation for the Chinese market. OKI nichong business has put forward a nine-year plan for China's growing printer market, which will increase its turnover by three times in the next three years, and will launch customized printers for China in the near future. We will also wait and see

in the future, China's printer market will develop into the world's largest printer market. Although it is unknown when this moment will come, the great potential of China's printer market is obvious to all. Whether it is household printers or commercial printers, there is never a lack of market in China, and what is lacking is only excellent products. The excellent products we refer to here are not strong performance and excellent quality, but can really meet the usage habits and printing needs of Chinese users. We don't want many functions of the printer products we use every time to be unavailable to our Chinese users, such as Apple iPad and iPhone. What we want is to see a printer that can well meet the actual needs of Chinese users from appearance to performance to service, so that Chinese users can really feel that this is a printer belonging to Chinese people

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