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Printer market: "environmental protection printing" was at that time

the economic crisis hit, regardless of industry and field, and the whole society felt the same injury. Not only personal life is affected, but the concept of enterprise operation and procurement has also become more pragmatic. How to use the limited funds where they are most needed, and how to choose products with high cost performance, high technology content, energy conservation and environmental protection, and reasonable total cost of ownership based on reality have become the mainstream thinking of commercial enterprises in it procurement. Perhaps after an economic crisis, the whole society will pay more attention to the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, and many industries, including printers, will form a relatively competitive advantage industry, which will also move towards a green road

energy conservation and environmental protection have long become one of the core topics of concern to the whole society. For printers, a major energy consumption and pollution user in business offices, manufacturers are duty bound to carry out product and technological transformation from the perspective of enterprises. At the same time, the relevant state departments have issued a series of mandatory regulations on the energy consumption of printers and copiers; And the national awareness of saving brought about by the economic crisis has objectively become a catalyst in the application and promotion of printer energy conservation and environmental protection. In short, energy-saving printing and environmental protection printing are at the right time

since energy conservation and environmental protection have become a hot topic of concern in the whole society, it seems that if high-energy consumption products cannot be labeled as green and environmental protection, it is difficult to increase sales, which is particularly prominent in the sales process of refrigerators, air conditioners and other products in the field of household appliances. Specifically, in the IT industry, in addition to printer manufacturers, manufacturers in server, network, PC and other fields have also launched their own low-energy solutions or low-energy products. A wave of environmental protection for all is sweeping the IT industry. However, it should be noted that energy conservation and environmental protection are by no means slogans, and more should be implemented in action

technology is the basic guarantee

in the field of office equipment, printers are the most common office equipment, and the problems of energy conservation and environmental protection are particularly prominent

printer's energy conservation and environmental protection can be reflected in many aspects. As a long-term standby device, low standby energy consumption is a manifestation of environmental protection, such as Canon's LBP series laser printer and HP Officejet series commercial jet all-in-one machine. In standby mode, the average energy consumption is not higher than 3W

in addition to standby power consumption, fast startup speed can also save energy consumption to a great extent, which is particularly important for small and medium-sized enterprise users with small batch printing volume and frequent single page printing. Take Canon's on-demand fusing technology as an example, start printing in standby mode for zero seconds, and start response printing immediately. In order to use heat to dissolve toner for fixing, the printer with general roller fixing method needs to heat the whole fixing roller for a long time to reach the fixing temperature, so it consumes a lot of energy; Canon printers using on-demand fusing mode use more efficient ceramic heaters to heat thin fusing films, and the heat is immediately transferred to the fusing unit. The heating time required is shorter. Therefore, printing can be started in zero seconds in standby mode, which saves more energy consumption, and also ensures high-speed home page output speed. Although the names are different, similar quick start technology has been basically adopted by major printer manufacturers and has become the standard configuration of current mainstream printer products

in addition, double-sided printing is the embodiment of energy conservation and environmental protection. According to the feedback from the channel providers, at present, there are not many users who buy printers with double-sided printing function. The main reason is that users do not understand the saving ability of double-sided printing enough, and they are too worried about the increased cost of double-sided printing unit in the early purchase, which is exactly what Huipu, Canon The reason why Epson and other manufacturers push TCO (total cost of ownership) is that manufacturers try to convince users with the whole process cost calculation method of products, so that they can accept the new product procurement concept as soon as possible

for this problem, Qian Yuezeng, vice president of the printing and imaging system group of Hewlett Packard Co., Ltd. in China, showed that the travel limit switch can automatically unload after the experiment, and then play the role of limit shutdown. Before the financial crisis, it was difficult for us to communicate with many commercial users to save printing. They always focused on the early purchase cost and the one-time cost investment brought by equipment renewal. However, since the advent of the financial crisis, the promotion of the overall printing savings solution has become much easier. Users are willing to listen to our solution and accept the concept of TCO

in addition to printing speed, home page quick start, overall cost of ownership, double-sided printing, these technologies, each manufacturer's subtle concerns are also slightly different. For example, Lenovo pays more attention to the saving of consumables, and accordingly introduces a long-life selenium drum and drum powder separation technology, which greatly reduces the losses caused by consumables packaging and selenium drum replacement; Samsung pays more attention to shape design and mute design, and serves users from the perspective of application experience, saving office space and reducing noise pollution; OKI focuses on LED printing technology to reduce the energy consumption in the printing process from the root. In short, the eight immortals cross the sea and show their abilities. From the perspective of technological innovation, printer manufacturers have not disappointed people

policy is the guiding direction

for printers, energy conservation and environmental protection are a long-term issue. In order to control the environmental pollution of modern office equipment, as early as 2005, the State Environmental Protection Administration formulated and promulgated the technical requirements for the certification of environmental labeling products for printers, fax machines, and all-in-one machines, which began to be implemented on March 1 of that year. In 2007, the Chinese government issued the notice on the establishment of a system of compulsory government procurement of energy-saving products for the first time, which stipulates that in government procurement, products must be selected from the list

as a manufacturing enterprise, it has the obligation to deal with environmental protection issues, which I fully agree with. The products we sell in China comply with the relevant regulations of China on environmental protection, which is an action taken under our corporate philosophy and is deserved. Kameda tuk, senior general manager of business imaging solutions Department of Canon (China) Co., Ltd., said

for many years, due to the lack of a standardized product environmental protection certification system, the environmental protection certification of office equipment has been mixed. In addition, whether from the national government level or the user level, the awareness and attention to energy conservation and environmental protection need to be improved. Therefore, although many printer manufacturers are unwilling to lag behind in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, their actual actions are not good, and printing pollution incidents occur frequently

in April, 2008, under the guidance of the theme of green Asia: achieving win-win results in change, politicians from all over the world made in-depth discussions on energy conservation and environmental protection at the Boao Forum for Asia. It is obvious that the current global environment and energy problems are becoming increasingly prominent, and the upsurge of energy conservation and environmental protection has become the general trend. Countries have been working hard on the development of energy-saving technologies and the promotion of energy-saving products. Our government also attaches great importance to resource conservation and environmental protection. In the 11th five year plan, it has been determined to take energy conservation as a constraint. Rick Chen, the market development manager of PPG Asia Pacific region, will also discuss with you the utilization goal of PPG special yarn in air filtration at PPG booth

it is in this context that the national mandatory energy efficiency labels for printers and copiers come out from time to time. Although the manufacturers have taken measures such as product improvement or upgrading at the first time, they have been punished repeatedly in terms of import and export due to the non-compliance of product energy consumption. It can be seen that office equipment manufacturers still have a lot of work to improve and refine. Lin Zhongyong, deputy general manager of Epson (China) Co., Ltd., said that the enterprise society that practices energy conservation and environmental protection cannot be achieved overnight, let alone overnight. It requires perseverance, real efforts, and steady actions

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