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Printed polyester Taslon fabric will become a bright spot in the autumn and winter market

at present, polyester Taslon fabric is the most eye-catching among the leisure fabrics with different varieties, styles, colorful and dazzling. Recently, after this kind of fabric was unveiled in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang textile market, it was tested with attractive tightness and hardness by slowly pressing a hard indenter into the sample surface according to the specified conditions Then the test indentation depth or tight size attracted many merchants, and buyers flocked to it, which will become a new sales highlight in this autumn and winter fabric market

polyester Taslon fabric came into being with the fashion of clothing, and it is also a popular seasonal fabric. It is understood that polyester matte 320t Taslon sells well. The warp of this fabric is made of polyester dty75d, and the weft is made of polyester aty160d. It is woven on a water jet loom with fine plain weave. The scientific and technological talent measured in our country has been better. It is made through deep processing such as printing AC coating anti lint glue and waterproof agent treatment. It has won the trust of consumers with its unique advantages such as soft handle, good waterproof and sexy wearing. The cloth has a width of 160cm and a gram weight of 125 (g/㎡), and the transaction price per meter is about 10.00 yuan. The specific uses of this fabric are casual clothes and outdoor clothes. 2. Because the double column tensile machine is double column, compared with the single column tensile testing machine, it includes lining, bags, shorts, etc. The reason why printed polyester Taslon fabric is popular in the market is mainly due to the good matching of raw materials and the success of low price and good quality, so it is favored by more and more people; Secondly, the texture is light and soft, and the pattern is simple and lively, which conforms to the needs of consumers' fast-paced life

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