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Print Expo: Yingkou Sanxin printing machine performs wonderfully

the fourth China International Printing Technology Exhibition held every four years was held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from June 12 to 16, 2007. So far, print Expo has been successfully held for three times, and is also one of the largest and highest level professional exhibitions in China after China print

in recent years, the proportion of commercial printing in the whole printing industry is increasing year by year. As a highlight of this exhibition, commercial printing will be vigorously promoted for its efficiency, convenience and speed. As a subversive material, Yingkou Sanxin printing machine, as an important supplier of China's small short version fast printing machine, participated in this grand event

Yingkou Sanxin printing machine has made sufficient planning and preparation for this exhibition. Hall 7, with its brand-new image and strong product lineup, has become a highlight of this exhibition. The audience at the exhibition responded enthusiastically, impressed by the development of Sanxin and the quality of its products, and marveled at the exquisite prints printed on the exhibition site. The whole exhibition once again set off a climax of sales of Sanxin printing machines. The on-site prototype was sold out, more than ten yk524 six open four-color machine contracts were signed, and more than 60 intended users of the machine were purchased

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