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In 2012, the printer market will usher in an era of blooming flowers

new products may have greater achievements

unlike other markets, the development of printing technology has been very mature. Therefore, in this market, every manufacturer tries to consolidate its advantages. The market competition is not as fierce as PC or digital products. But these are not all. The emergence of LED and sled printers has caused waves in the market. The entry of bentu also makes it possible to change the market pattern. The concepts of wireless printing, built-in tablet computers and so on are dazzling. 2011 is about to pass, and 2012, the printer market is more variable, multi-party games, and market competition is more intense

old brands continue to consolidate

after the technology of the printer market in Beijing is mature, old brands continue to innovate existing technologies or products. Some brands pay more attention to the user experience brought by printing technology itself, so they choose sublimation printing technology, while some brands pay more attention to the integration of printing products and networks. Although the methods are different, the ultimate goal is to consolidate the advantages of their own brands. 2012 will still be like this, but it faces greater challenges

led and sled printing may be more important. The most direct impact of the upgrading of printing technology on users is the improvement of printing quality. The emergence of LED and sled printers is the best explanation. Led not only brings us more colorful printing colors and more delicate printing accuracy, but also brings us lower energy consumption. It has better stability than laser printers and is more environmentally friendly. It is also competitive in price. Although it has not been sold well, it can not be ignored

After its debut, the sled printer has attracted the attention of many consumers with its better performance and civilian price. After entering the middle and low-end market in an all-round way, its cost-effective power has really emerged. However, neither led nor sled printers have threatened the mainstream status of laser printers. Because the whole printer market is still controlled by a few brands such as HP and canon, their mainstream products determine the direction of the market. At the same time, consumers have been used to laser printers, and it is obviously difficult to accept new products in a short time, which means that the mainstream position of laser printers will not be threatened for a period of time. However, in 2012, where cost performance is increasingly valued, led and sled products may have greater success, because printing technology is the foundation and the foundation of the market

optical ink printing and black-and-white ink-jet printers are full of ambition

compared with LED and sled printers, optical ink printing and black-and-white ink-jet printers are much higher profile. When the optical ink printer was launched, it was once considered to be of subversive significance, because it has the speed of laser printing technology and the quality of inkjet printing technology. The black-and-white inkjet printer is a commercial market dominated by laser printers, and their innovation has written a heavy record for the history of printers. In 2012, in the already competitive printer market, complacent light ink printing and black-and-white inkjet may have a better performance

an era of letting a hundred flowers bloom

if printing technology is fundamental, many manufacturers have mastered this fundamental. If they are not willing to continue to work on it fundamentally, how will they do in 2012? The answer is expansion. In 2011, printer manufacturers have tried to add various functions to their products, ranging from memory card readers to wireless network connections. These functions may not be particularly important to consumers when they first launched, but their role will gradually appear with the passage of time. Take HP as an example. Today, with the close integration of network and life, they launched cloud printing, integrating the high-end concept of cloud with printers. HP firmly believes that through the expansion of network applications and the combination of printers, users' working methods can be welcomed to call for advice! Change, the value will be more, the experience will be better, and printing can really realize the impact on lifestyle. Although there are always some problems in the practical application of products, it is undeniable that cloud printing can bring more convenience to the future printing life, and remote office and mobile office will become more convenient. The emergence of novel gimmicks such as cloud printing and wireless printing shows that 2012 will be an era of flowers blooming

the influence of new forces will increase

when old brands try their best to expand their market advantages, new talents have just started. As the first printer brand with independent core technology, bentu completed a smooth transition in 2011 and is favored in the field of government procurement. In 2012, this strong force will play a greater role and have an impact on the market in commercial, government procurement and other fields

concept printers are developing rapidly

3 The real printer market is booming, and users get a better printing experience from the brand competition. However, these are not all of the printer market. Some people are always ahead of the market. They put forward novel concepts. Some of these concepts will become a reality in the near future. However, most of the meaning is to bring people expectations and make people look forward to a better future

3D printer

after the popularity of 3D movies, the concept of 3D has penetrated into all fields, and the printer market is no exception. Objet company has designed a 3D printer, which can print two kinds of materials, but it has less volume and is more suitable for small offices. More than 60 kinds of printing materials can be selected

interactive printer

the difference of interactive printer is that it subverts the navigation and operation interface of the traditional all-in-one machine. Through the large-size multi-point touch screen, users can get an intuitive experience similar to controlling a tablet computer, directly hit and control the photo effect, and completely complete the photo modification and printing process away from the PC

reverse printer

generally speaking, the printers we use print ink and fonts. But now the printer has been changed into an advanced concept by the reverse thinking of designers. That is similar to the concept of freckle removal or stain purification. Put the used A4 paper into the new reverse printer, which will remove the black ink and return you a clean white paper

whether it's the real printer market or the concept printer, 2012 will be a new start, and the leaders will no longer have peace of mind, because this market is changing every second. In the case of multi-party game, the competition tends to be white hot. The newcomers are trying to gain a firm foothold, while the strong ones are trying to expand their advantages. This is a war of technology, brand and sales channels. Led, sled, light ink and black-and-white inkjet products have a broader market, and traditional products will encounter more challenges. In 2012, the printer market will usher in an era of flowers blooming

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