Common problems and solutions of the hottest PS ve

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Common problems and solutions of PS version printing

causes of common problems and solutions are reduced by 1 Overexposure

2 The developer concentration is too high

3 The development time is too long

4 the risk of insurance is mainly to protect the contract user's enterprise property loss or personal injury and death risk caused by the quality defects of new materials Development temperature too high 1 Reduce exposure time

2 Diluted developer

3 Why is Jinan assay so famous? Short development time

4 Reduce the liquid temperature and check whether the temperature sensor of the plate punching machine is invalid. Dot loss,

poor solid density

1 The negative is not in close contact with the layout

2 The graphic density of the negative is not enough

3 Overexposure

1 Increase the negative pressure of air extraction for printing, and check whether the evacuation of the printing machine is normal or there is air leakage

2. Copy the negative again

3 Shorten the exposure time and make the layout dirty 1 Underexposure

2 Aging of printing lamp

3 Insufficient development time

4 Developer temperature too low

5 Developer failure

6 The bottom plate is yellowing or foggy

1 Increase the exposure time

2 Replace with a new print lamp

3 Increase the development time

4 Heat to 20 ℃ - 25 ℃

5 Replace the developer

6 Increase the exposure time or re copy the negative

if you encounter some of the above problems

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