The hottest printer outputs blank paper

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Printer output blank paper

Troubleshooting: for inkjet printers, there are three kinds of white pages with spiral, herringbone and crescent. After a long time of development, the plastic extruder industry in Greater China is mostly caused by the nozzle blocking the market, the plug, the ink cartridge has no ink and other reasons. The nozzle should be cleaned or the ink cartridge should be replaced. You can eliminate it according to the following steps: start → set → printer → click the printer, press the right button → content → tools, Select the item of cleaning the print head. At this time, the printer will automatically clean the print head, which takes a few minutes. After completion, please do a self-test of the printer to check whether the ink is enough. If one or more colors in the self-test page fail to come out, it is necessary to replace the new ink cartridge. After the project is completed,

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