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Common problems and solutions of pressure gauge

common problems and solutions of pressure gauge:

pressure gauge is composed of several main parts, including joint, spring tube and movement. The welding of pressure gauge mainly includes lead-zinc welding, silver welding, argon arc welding, special welding, etc. The Clarinet of the instrument works normally for 100000 times. Its working principle is to prevent dust from falling into the machine and deforming through the spring tube. The movement (the fan gear and the central gear work only in strict accordance with the instructions) drives the pointer on the surface plate, but ensures that the bending axis is vertical; The scale shows the effect of avoiding light, indicating the pressure of the measured medium

first, there are three common problems in the use of pressure gauges at present:

1. In addition, the fan teeth of the instrument will be worn after working for a period of time

2. Because the instantaneous pulse of the measured medium increases, the instrument pointer rushes below the stop

3. The instrument pointer will not be zero after the pressure of the pipeline or equipment is relieved

II. Three methods to solve common problems of pressure gauge:

1. Widen the off slice fan teeth, solve the contact surface, and resist wear to achieve the function of prolonging service life

2. The movement of the instrument is the heart part of the pressure gauge, and more than 80% of the instrument damage is due to the damage of the movement, which makes the instrument unusable. By adding a limit nail to the existing movement, the problem of instrument skip is solved

3. Add spacer to solve the problem that the instrument does not return

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