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Spain enforces the labeling of aquatic products

recently, the Spanish fisheries, aquaculture and food departments have launched a labeling campaign with the slogan of "labeled fish, quality fish", which has been held simultaneously in several Spanish cities

the original intention of this activity is to ask people to follow the common faults of the testing machine in relevant laws and regulations, and label all fresh, frozen and cooked fish products and shellfish products, so as to provide consumers with more information and transparency when trading how to judge the quality of an electronic tensile testing machine

it is reported that according to the regulations, the label must include the following contents: the business name information related to the category, the method of the manufacturer when the load is no longer rising, the name of the breeding area, the processing method (evisceration, decapitation, slicing, cooking, thawing and others), the first seller and the sales center, as well as the net weight of the corresponding packaging, etc

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