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SML Lanjing machinery: Chinese customers pay more attention to price

unlike arbur, who said earlier that the stability of three closed-loop models is related to the sample, G and Engel are different. At China plas 2013, Karl stoeger, managing director of Austrian SML Lanjing Machinery Co., Ltd., believes that Chinese customers are becoming more and more sensitive to price

Arburg and Engel are at the top of the industry respectively, with less competition. What SML does is one set of wire anti swing racks with adjustable height and three sets of anti swing clamping blocks under the swing rack engineering. We look for component OEMs to assemble special production lines for customers. At present, the competition is fierce, because many of our multinational competitors have also come to China. Karl added

in this regard, Karl stoeger told an interesting thing to relevant people: I recently received an extrusion production line order from a Chinese customer. On the eve of China plas, I discussed with European OEM parts suppliers about the parts required for this order. We had a dispute over price for more than an hour. Later, when the OEM suppliers knew that our customer was a Chinese company, they voluntarily reduced the price a lot. From this we can see, Chinese customers are very price sensitive

for more than 40 years, SML has been committed to the research, design and production of various plastic processing machinery, and has been in the world leading position in the field of extrusion technology and plastic processing and production equipment. It is a world-famous plastic machine manufacturer. Product categories include single screw extruder, twin-screw extruder, blown film extrusion production line. Customers in China are mainly large enterprises. Karl said: in recent years, SML has sold many blown film extrusion production lines to Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia. Many electronic tensile testing machines have interchangeable sensors to Western Asia, and customers in the Middle East have also bought many

it is reported that the selling point of SML is 100% European production. Although there are more and more Chinese customers, Karl ruled out the possibility of looking for OEM partners in China. Our production of special machines comes from the consideration of proprietary engineering and proprietary technology. We still take 100% European production as our production strategy

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