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Start with Samsung qa55q6famjxxz55 inch Ultra HD 4K intelligent qled light quantum dot TV evaluation

Samsung hot selling quantum TV recommendation: samsung/Samsung qa55q6famjxxz55 inch Ultra HD 4K intelligent qled light quantum dot TV, this is a composite particle Ultra HD with thin composition system 1, 3 sides without borders, high-end cost performance. Let's take a look at this hands-on experience and detailed configuration introduction, I hope it can help you choose this TV

I. experience of Samsung qa55q6famjxxz TV:

the function of this Samsung qa55q6famjxxz TV is still good. My friend's home is using it. I recommended it to me, saying it's good to use. Later, I started this Samsung qa55q6famjxxz TV. Its advantages are: 1. This TV has good definition, ultra-high definition and super gorgeous colors; 2. The design of embedded wire dark groove is a highlight, which solves the spider like clutter of wires behind the TV; 3. The multi-purpose cable box design greatly facilitates the plugging and unplugging of input and output; 4. The market competition environment needs to be standardized urgently, and the TV interface is powerful; 5. KTV song ordering platform makes the virus nowhere to hide, which is very interesting. 6. Beautiful timbre and rich range. Disadvantages: I haven't found any disadvantages yet. I'll add them later. Check the latest official quotation of tmall, comments from friends

II. Samsung qa55. This machine is in closed-loop control mode. 5q6famjxxz TV detailed configuration parameters:

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