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Sinopec said that in order to ensure domestic supply, it suspended the export of refined oil products. If there is still doubt yesterday, Sinopec Group announced that although the export efficiency of refined oil products is good, in order to ensure domestic supply, Sinopec has suspended the export of refined oil products to other regions in addition to retaining the basic resource demand for Hong Kong and Macao. It is understood that the measures to suspend exports have no implementation period, but will be determined flexibly according to market conditions

as usual, the demand for refined oil will increase in the second quarter. Wang shunzeng, Secretary General of the Beijing refined oil circulation industry committee, told yesterday that with the gradual warming of the weather, the implementation of arrests in Siwang village, Daqing Village, Houma village and Mabei village around Shenyang has increased the number of car trips, the demand for oil in construction, industrial production, logistics and transportation industries has increased, and the consumption of refined oil will increase comprehensively in April. Yesterday's monitoring data of the bulk product e-commerce platform "treasure island" showed that in the domestic wholesale market, the price of gasoline is basically between the wholesale price and the maximum retail price. It is applicable to the tensile, tightening, tortuous and shear experiments of metals, cement, concrete, plastics and other materials. Many places have suspended the wholesale of private gas stations. The situation of diesel is more tense, and the price has been in the state of "wholesale and retail at the same price". Shanxi, Henan, Hubei and other provinces have wholesale and retail upside down, and the domestic volume is about 36.6 million tons; The output of white paperboard is 14.05 million tons, and the wholesale of distributors and social gas stations has been stopped in North and East China

data released by the national development and Reform Commission yesterday showed that China's apparent consumption of refined oil (domestic output plus net imports) reached a monthly high of 21.73 million tons in March, with a daily average of 13.9% month on month and 11.7% year-on-year growth. At the same time, the existence of refined oil depots in China began to fall after reaching the highest level in history at the end of February. At the end of March, the inventory of refined oil depots fell back to the same level as that of the same period last year

Sinopec is the largest oil refining giant in China and also the pillar to ensure market supply. Sinopec said yesterday that at present, the contradiction of insufficient resources in the domestic market is gradually emerging, and the pressure on product oil supply is increasing. In order to ensure the supply of domestic market, Sinopec will continue to implement the policy of increasing the production of refined oil, mobilize the enthusiasm of refining and chemical enterprises to adjust the product structure, and make every effort to increase production by suspending the export of refined oil, pressing the production of chemical light oil, reducing the load of chemical equipment and other measures. According to the information from the production and operation management department of Sinopec headquarters, the group will continue to organize production at full capacity in April, and plans to arrange 10.54 million tons of finished oil, an increase of 410000 tons year-on-year

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