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According to foreign media reports, Sony will re-enter the e-book market in Japan. The company will open a bookstore that can provide 20000 titles, and these books are basically Japanese books. This is very timely for Japan's shopping peak at the end of the year, the company said on Thursday

Sony's reader e-book will be on sale on December 10. The 5-inch screen is about 20000 yen, and the 6-inch screen is about 25000 yen

nobuki Kurita, President of Sony marketing, said that the reader is expected to achieve 300000 sales in the first year and win half of the domestic market by 2012

this marks the return of the Japanese consumer electronics giant to a difficult market. In 2007, due to the lack of content, it and Panasonic withdrew from the market. At that time, the company provided less than 10000 bibliographies

for Sony, its competitors in the domestic market include the iPad launched by apple in May this year; Sharp's Galapagos tablet. Amazon has not yet provided a bibliography of its Kindle Reader in Japanese

although the interest in e-books comes from the lack of readers in their own homes who have launched the 2015 spring and summer series of nylon fabric salacona space to store books, e-books have not been widely popularized in Japan, mainly because publishers are cautious about this

Fujio Noguchi, senior vice president of Sony electronics, I believe that Japan may become the second or third largest e-reader market in the world, but there are also some complex factors in the market

compared with Japan, Sony has provided 1.2 million titles in North America through its reader store

Sony will join forces with KDDI, Japanese letterpress printing company and Asahi newspaper to create a store e-book distribution business

this is within the reach of many modern automatic sorting devices

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