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South Korea launched a residue free tofu food processing machine

South Korea Doulin food company new "recently invented and produced a residue free tofu processing machine. This tofu machine does not produce soybean residue when producing tofu, and tofu comprehensively improves the competitiveness of the new material industry in our province. It tastes delicious and has high nutritional value. The traditional method of making tofu is to grind soybeans into soymilk, filter out the tofu residue, and then make tofu. The method of making tofu in the company's residue free tofu machine is different from the traditional method, that is, the soybeans are cooled, ground into bean powder, and directly put into the machine to make tofu. The biggest advantage of making tofu with this tofu machine is that the residue in the bean powder is not excluded, which can keep the tofu rich in nutrition and delicious taste

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